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List of characters to role-play with

Good characters

Eduard Nochkoshmar
Rosalyn Moreton
Ariel Lee
Gage Yin

Neutral characters

Trick Legkiksky
The Seven siblings

Evil characters

The Dark Ones
Dear world,

  It appears that I've looked up "Animate Your World" and when I got on Kidscreen, in a article from 1997, turns out the whole project appeared to be a Cartoon Network campaign designed to get people to discover the magic that hides within their and everybody's lives. In short, it wanted folks to -- you guessed it -- animate their worlds. Yeah I said it. Betty Cohen masterminded the whole thing (in a good way) to get the network's audience (mainly, children) to celebrate and inspire creativity. The whole thing started on April 16 of this year (three days before Disney's ill-fated but still creative adaptation of its own computer game, Nightmare Ned, debuted, as did the then-new Nicktoon, The Angry Beavers (created by Mitch Schauer, with character designers being him, Greg Miller (creator of Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?) and Mr. Cabello)) with three spots (the other nine were rolled out in later months of that year, including September, when the then-new General Cinema spots debuted).

  The folks at Cartoon Network consulted teachers to find which brain-thinking tools would be certainly best. These happened to include imagining, daydreaming and free association. All of these that you people see around all of you, were rolled out into these public service announcements. "What is it that people get out of cartoons?" is the question and the reason that Betty Cohen created that very campaign (cartoons do inspire people, after all, among many things) to get people to stimulate and imagine throughout their very lives. And don't get me wrong: there WAS a VHS release and activity guide, courtesy of Cable in the Classroom, released in the fall. These spots contain a variety of animation styles, like cardboard, stop-motion and of course, the traditional animation to drive home the fact that what appears ordinary can be turned into EXTRAORDINARY.

  And just because they encourage children (prodigy or not) to be more inventive, doesn't mean it's a exactly bad thing altogether. I've heard from my good friend Kenny (aka nerdsman567) that his favorite was "Vacuum Head" because it reminded him of the fact that he sees every single detail of his own life and everything else and sucks it all up. Together, the twelve spots are clearly meant to encourage creativity, a rarity in most campaigns these days. And some have remembered them, like EarthVStheDerek (aka Derek).

These include:

Be a Vacuum Head



Brain on a Plane


Combining Ideas



Part of Your Brain (this title is just a nickname for that spot)

Random Roll (from Cartoon Network - June 1998 Promos and Bumps -- located in 7:46-8:16)

Redecorate Your Reality

Reinvent the Road

And if you're interesting in watching a batch of them, here's this as seen from the 1998 VHS Tape from Cable in the Classroom.

  I know this seems kinda far-fetched, but C'MON!!! It's not like every day you get to watch spots that'll amaze you with the wonderful world of creativity. That, and I'm impressed by this. Just impressed by all of this. So, let's take it from the top. A word for the wise: animate your world.


Nickolas A. Naujalis.


People who've remembered them



pacosanchez123 (Spanish dub)
















People's favorite Animate Your World ads

Fistron – all of them

DanteV47 – “Go” and “Reinvent the Road”

Zebforne – “Brain on a Plane”

flyscratch - all of them

MonsterIsland1969 - "Bob"


nerdsman567 - "Be a Vacuum Head"

EthanTavitas - Intro and "Be a Vacuum Head"

Ashen-Esther - "Be a Vacuum Head" (most-liked), "Mistakes" (OK)

EarthVStheDerek - "Be a Vacuum Head" (favorite), all of them

Yasiku - all of them

MikeEddyAdmirer89 - "Be a Vacuum Head"

Carriejokerbates - all of them

MelaGirl - all of them

TheDisney1901atDA - "Can't"

vchannel - "Can't"

Chickie456 - "Can't" and "Bob"

Atrox-C - "Be a Vacuum Head"

shunokurohi - "Redecorate Your Reality" and "Reinvent the Road"

Shrindan-dragon - "Big"

Super-Flamin-Angel - "Big"

vinylpigskin2 - "Bob"

layra2185 - all of them

Kawaiiette - all of them

Allies-Smile - all of them

ToXXRoses-Comunity - "Brain on a Plane"

Emberinthefurs - all of them

CHCH Cartoons - "Can't"

Glory-Gaming - "Brain on a Plane"

The-Darkwolf - "Brain on a Plane" and "Bob"

Kikyo-Yandere - "Bob"

nickyrey1999 - all of them

WeraHatake - all of them

lily1oo18 - "Can't"

DSX62415 - all of them

TheStealthDrawing - "Be a Vacuum Head"

Myself - "Part of Your Brain"

Lulana - "Mistakes"

Zackrys: "Can't" (favorite), all of them

NikkiCrystal - all of them

RedSpinel24 - "Brain on a Plane"

Brookie15 - "Redecorate Your Reality"

M2B6 - "Brain on a Plane" and "Be a Vacuum Head"

TheOnyxSwami - "Bob"

Balloon Princess - all of them

Tsuchikiyo - The intro

EthanTavitas - The intro with Droopy

XJKenny - "Be a Vacuum Head"

Sk-8080 - all of them

ThePenVsTheSword - "Brain on a Plane"

draakxd - all of them

Van-Helmont -

DaBurninator - "Bob"

Stickythefireband - "Bob"

drowning-in-sass - "Brain on a Plane"

Cable-Bunny - "Bob" and "Brain on a Plane"

neru-van - "Bob"

PenelopeHamuChan - "Bob"

animelover5ful - all of them

Randi-lovesVetrix - "Brain on a Plane"

thebigcrunchone9 - all of them

Acutie - "Bob"

bubblesishot46853 - "Parts of Your Brain"

Artoveli - "Can't" and "Go"

LovesickPearl - "Go" and "Brain on a Plane"

Matthew2321 - "Bob" and "Can't"

KimikoXKiba - "Bob", "Can't" and "Redecorate Your Reality"

Lairyn - "Redecorate Your Reality"

ingeline-art - all of them

Argodeon - "Bob"

Lizlovestoons12 - all of them

Shirley4444 - all of them

Kaihaii - "Bob" and "Mistakes"

NiloSifer - "Brain on a Plane", "Be a Vacuum Head" and "Can't"

AzulInstrument - "Can't" and "Go"

Tyler5544 - "Parts of Your Brain"

QueenOfChocolateWinx - "Brain on a Plane"

MariusOfTheSea - "Bob"

CafeDeVainilla - "Bob"

MissDiealot - "Brain on a Plane"

ArcherVale - "Brain on a Plane"

toxicanvil243 - all of them

NeoPrankster - all of them

TamerofFire - "Big" and "Redecorate Your Reality"

Leuseni - "Bob" and "Can't"

ThatPerson4 - all of them

buraiii - "Bob"

Dragonrider1227 - "Bob"

elenaevil - all of them

DreamBex - "Mistakes"

Total: 87


Voting rank:

All: 26

The intro: 2

Brain on a Plane: 14

Be a Vacuum Head: 9

Bob: 23

Can't: 12

Big: 3

Mistakes: 5

Redecorate Your Reality: 5

Reinvent the Road: 1

Random Roll:

Go: 3

Part of Your Brain: 3

Combining Ideas:

UPDATE 1: On January 23rd, I've got proof that these commercials, which inspire creativity, are real.

UPDATE 2: I've added the DeviantARTists who've remembered them. And what are the DeviantARTists' favorite Animate Your World ads.

UPDATE 3: I've got the voting rank to see if everyone likes them all or individually.
How I love his art? It's incredibly detailed. Y'know, I still enjoy his art, in one way or another. Apparently, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil, Grojband and My Life as a Teenage Robot (which gave me visual inspiration for a project of my own, called The Imagination of Nick, Eduard and Buddy) are some of my favorite cartoons, I even sometimes watch them. The guy's got a dog named Chompers for a companion. He's enjoyed the Toy Story series, Monsters Inc., Hotel Transylvania and The Peanuts Movie. Well, I do enjoy his work pretty well.
Voice Cast


Nickolas A. Naujalis as himself

Buddy Naujalis as Himself

Andrew Naujalis as Himself

Bethany Naujalis as Herself

Cheryl Chase as Baby Lillian (vocal effects)

Kristen Farlie/Rosalyn ??? as Rosalyn/herself

Charlie ??? as himself

Michael Bell as Tony (Rosalyn's boyfriend)



The Nochkoshmars

Nicky Jones as Eduard Nochkoshmar

Brad Garrett as Ned Nochkoshmar

Victoria Jackson as Edwin Nochkoshmar

Shelby Rabara (Emilie Carle Barlow in some episodes) as Ariel Lee Nochkoshmar

Laura Bailey/LuLu Ebeling as Hattie Nochkoshmar

Seth Rogen as Les


The Temnotemnotas

Andrew Kishno as Gage Yin Temnotemnota

Bryn McAuley as Galina Lil'yan Temnotemnota

Matt Chapman as Brick Temnotemnota


The Siblings Lackimus

Chad Doreck as Lackimus

Nick Offerman as Slammus

Megan Fahlenbock as Ellody

Nicky Jones as Crystrayus

Buddy Naujalis as Gargoyle

Frank Welker as Firebird


The Legkiksky/Seven Families


The Legkikskys

Eden Sher as Trick Legkiksky

Patrick Warburton as Brick

Rob Byron as Lick

Dave Allen as Trick's father


The Sevens

Jason Marsden as Whammy-One

Jim Meskimen (in his Droopy voice) as Terribommy-Two

Peter Cullen as Thrammy-Three

"Weird" Al as Faultor-Four

Larry Dorf (in his Good Luck Bear voice from MAD) as Flasher-Five

April Winchell (in her snake voice) as Serena Six

Jim Cummings as Sammy-Seven

Kevin Shinick as Embassy-Eight

Cle Bennett (in his Chef Hatchet voice) as Nutsy-Nine

Jeff Bennett (in a Gomer Pyle accent) as Tommy-Ten

Carter Hayden as Elammy-Eleven

Stacey DePass as Tammy-Twelve

Will Arnett (Mr. Ken or Terry McGurrin, if he's not available) as Setarat Seven

Rachel House as Penelope Seven

Frank Welker as Threako-Thirteen/Fido (vocals)


Other known Animites

Moira Quirk as Dr. Jubilee

Wally Wingert as Superhero

April Winchell as Horse

Hank Azaria as Cheetah

Jeff "Swampy" Marsh as Bald Eagle

Christian Potenza and Cesar Jimenez as the Rock Monster duo

Billy West as Ted Dreamcrusher

Janice Kawaye as Kiki Dreamcrusher

Dear Disney Television Animation,
     It's been my dream of making quality content to the point where families would love it. I help out my family with chores, plus I showcase everyone's ideas/creations (and give them praise/potential by my submission). These include Sir Steve and Co., Zooca, the Jimenitoons, The Good Doctor and Hugo, Koo-Koo Bird, Aliens of the Rock, and more; these ideas (handpicked from DeviantART) seemed like a good deal of variety for my future studio. And perhaps, bring my dream studio from fruition, to post-production, to completion. That is why I want to work with you guys, especially my idols, Rob Renzetti (creator of My Life as a Teenage Robot and a few pilots that deserve shows; one YouTuber pointed out that he would pitch Mina and the Count (which has, and always will be, his favorite pilot) to you guys) and Sandro Corsaro (creator of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (one of DeviantARTist The-Man-Of-Tomorrow's favorite cartoons); I think he deserves another cartoon).
     There are times when I helped out others, like that other church in October 2014, clean Josie's closet (in Thanksgiving 2014 and January 16th, 2015), help out with (most of) Aunt Julie's garage (in October 2016). I used to be a fan of Nightmare Ned (the cartoon; your answer to Doug and Rugrats, perhaps, but a good one nonetheless); this show gave me inspiration for my Dreamiverse and some of its inhabitants (take Paula, for example; she resembles the girl from the two-parter that is "My, How You've Grown"). And now that I've got myself to a good college in October (due to being quiet), I might as well be educated again (and perhaps, explore the rest of the building). And I'm also a huge Rugrats fan and I think that watching these episodes would gave me ideas for potential episodes of a show taking place after my online novels (with an animated pilot based on them, to be exact). It might as well be called........"The Untitled Project About a Boy, His Brother, Three Friends and a Imagination" (or the title for my online novel series, The Imagination of Nick, Eduard and Buddy, if that's okay).
     And My Life as a Teenage Robot (a Renzetti-created cartoon) and Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (a Corsaro-created cartoon) have visuals and character design that have inspired my characters as imagined in my head, like Cartoon!Nickolas Naujalis (my author avatar; vertical oval-head with Brit's eyes and nose (but not her personality, buck teeth, British accent and brown skin), brown hair, modern-day glasses and a goatee and having a physical small round build; personality: impatient, perfectionist-like at times but observant, insightful, creative, meticulous and kind), Rosalyn (named after and based on a girl I met in May 6th, 2011; blue eyes to highlight her innocence, neat brown hair, big head and Total Drama-style lips; personality: nice on the outside and on the inside), Buddy (named after and based on my brother, of course; identical to Sebastian (from "The Price of Love"), but also with Brit's eyes, a round belly (he's pretty strong, though), a pointy nose, a beard and blonde hair; personality: a good father to Lillian), Charlie (named after and based on a little kid I have befriended in October of 2011; round blue eyes to highlight his innocence, roughly the same size as Kick Buttowski, and blonde hair: personality: kind and cute at the same time), my creations (Gargoyle, having grey "skin" (being a gargoyle and whatnot), a big build and tree-stump-like legs, but is a overall nice guy, for example).
     Moving on: the Nochkoshmar family (think the Addams meet the Carmichaels, with a few oval-heads) (the father, Ned, who physically and vocally resembles Ed Needlemeyer, but wears a dark blue outfit and way smarter and more involved around his kids; the mother, Edwin, who physically and vocally resembles Ms. Needlemeyer, and much more tomboyish, the two daughters (the robotic humanoid Ariel Lee, who looks vaguely Filipino-American (she used to be Chinese-American, when I first created her in my mind in 2012; now she's four) has a oval-head, a bare midriff, red hair that she wears in a bob-cut, eyes identical to that of the rectangular-headed, thin guy with a pompadour who points at and Vacu-San (from "Samurai Vac") "a coward and a fraud", a yellow shirt with red, blue and green stripes at the top and dark blue jeans with a belt and a chain and a more hot-blooded but cool with those who are much saner personality; Hattie (a oval-headed Australian who lives in the Dreamiverse), who has Brit's eyes (but not her personality, buck teeth, British accent and brown skin), peach skin, yellow hair, missing tooth, bright blue shirt with "13" on it, khaki shorts and sport-like shoes, and a personality (lovable in spite of her speech and a patient girlfriend to Lackimus; in other words, the Tyler to Lackimus' Lindsay), and of course, Eduard Nochkoshmar (goofy teeth identical to one half of the smug kids (the French one) that oppose Tuck from the beginning and ending of "Voyage of the Planet of the Bikers", the same thin physique as the aforementioned guy from the "Samurai Vac" episode (but a little thicker), pale skin, messy hair with dyed magenta streaks that he wears in a girl's bob-cut (but don't tell him that), oval-head (but he's certainly NOT Brit and he does not have the buck teeth, British accent, nose, brown skin and personality; has the onyx eyes though), a grey spot on his left eye, a pointed nose not unlike Bridgette and Lindsay's, round-glasses with teal lenses, a black/magenta-striped hoodie with purple sleeves, dark blue shorts, magenta/purple legwarmers and pink/white shoes; personality: a goth who seems to have brain tumor, very fearful (but brave if the plot is necessary), has a love for animals, is a vegetarian (who also eats healthy; sort of a foil to me, but both of us are good in personality), and wants everyone to be loved (think a male Gwen (reversing the usual gender colors and personality whilst being a goth) and in the same way that Gwen's a nature lover, Eduard's a love-seeker). And then there's Sammy-Seven (having a round-head, Brit's eyes, T.D.'s Heather's thick lips, K.B.'s Gordon Gibble's....nose, black hair worn in a mullet, pale blue armor that doubles as clothes (and a jersey with the number 7 on it and with the long sleeves torn out; personality: observant yet brainless when it comes to the human world, enjoys sports, loves making people suffer) and Trick Legkiksky (bright pink shirt, a bare midriff, long black and pretty hair, pale skin, round head, robot's screw-eyes, pink T.D. girl lips (similar to Angelica Pickles's apperance); personality: sadistic even when not acting as host as Project Nightmare, stuck-up, but has a hidden heart of gold somewhere); I think I have three mystery characters; I have yet to tell you about their personalities, but I imagined them up to be Ariel Lee, Hattie and Eduard Nochkoshmar, only with two college-aged boys and a 14-year old teenage girl.
     And now, the Siblings Lackimus (used to be just the Brothers Lackimus, but turns out there's the lone girl in the group, so I've renamed them that name) (Slammus (with his rectangular head, stout but strong physique and tree-stump-like legs, purple shirt, black shorts and only three hairs, plus a Irish accent, a lot of intellect for good measure and a battle-hungry set of moves), Lackimus (with his ski--er, thin physique, oval-head and onyx eyes (minus the buck teeth, brown skin, British accent and attitude (obviously)), his good looks (the pompadour, spats and blue robes and pants, and brainless and easily-possessed-by-the-forces-of-darkness personality and strange accent), Crystrayus (with his red mullet, his diamond-shaped head and thin physique (with a blue-and-green-striped shirt and blue shorts), aforementioned identical eyes, and crazy personality), Ellody (with her purple long-sleeved shirt and sweat-pants, and overly-conscious but elegant personality). And I also love Total Drama (from the creators of 6teen and the guys who later brought us Grojband (one of The-Man-Of-Tomorrow's favorite cartoons also): I've almost watched the entire first, second, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons, even the spin-off (I did watch a few episodes of the third season here and there): Gwen was my favorite character; not only she was tough-as-nails on the outside and soft like a marsh-mellow on the inside (once you get to know her), she gave visual and mental aspects for inspiration of half of Eduard's (physically having a bob-cut and (half-)pale skin, with gothic (magenta, purple and black) clothes); personally, being a nature lover). Chris McLean gave me inspiration for Trick Legkiksky (his female (and Disney) counterpart) (usual gender colors that she wears and is a sadistic host), Heather (for the most part) inspired her male (and apparently Disney) counterpart Sammy-Seven (both characters have their respective gender stereotypes (Heather loves fashion, Sammy-Seven enjoys sports), sport thick lips and neat hair, and seem to be the nemesis of the token goth (Heather to Gwen, Sammy-Seven to Eduard), yet their names are switched and happen to be anagrams (in a sense)). I think the music here is good, fitting for my cartoon.
     And now, on to Rugrats. Remember the time that once I saw The-Man-Of-Tomorrow's pairing of Jenny (from My Life as a Teenage Robot) and Ickis (from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters)? I decided to make sure that what M.L.A.A.T.R. is to AAAHH!!!.R.M., I had to make my project similar to that show. They both have courageous main characters (Tommy Pickles; my author avatar), bald characters with few hair and quite adventurous attitudes (Tommy Pickles again; Slammus); cowardly but nice kids who are the sidekicks and have missing family members (Chuckie Finster (who had his mother Melinda); Eduard Nochkoshmar (who had his biological big sister Galina)); The big guy and lone girl of the group (Phil and Lil; Buddy Naujalis and Rosalyn); the smart kid (Chuckie again; Charlie); A technician parent of sorts (Stu Pickles; Animated!Mom and Dad); A nemesis (Angelica Pickles; Sammy-Seven and Trick Legkiksky (thankfully, her parents aren't busy)), who has a always workaholic parent (Charlotte Pickles; Setarat Seven) and always looks down on others; another family who has ethics and interests just like yours (The Carmichaels to the Pickles; the Nochkoshmars to the Animated!Naujalises, even if they're Animites). Both shows have a mundane subject taken to extremes (Rugrats has babies; The Imagination of Nick, Eduard and Buddy has the human imagination); And then, on to The Angry Beavers: Daggett here gave me some inspiration for Ariel Lee and perhaps Sammy-Seven's mindset (about how characters and things look, which explains his misinterpretations of everyone and everything) as a whole (from his ranger persona from "Deranged Ranger" but extended for a whole life). This Nicktoon, to be precise, has characters as co-designed by Greg Miller (creator of Rob Renzetti's favorite cartoon: Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?) and has forest animals as the main characters, and hey, it's Dad's favorite cartoon.
     Okay, the reason I decided that someday, maybe I will help Jimenez realize his dream of a cartoon at your place (and the rest), is because I wanted people to see DeviantART OCs as unique (just like comic books, movies, video-games, you name it) and not too many cartoons are about the human imagination (and how far we could to save it from evil, uncreative forces) (save for Bobby's World, Doug, some British cartoon called Billy and Rugrats, of course), even though they can be multi-generational at times (take Steven Universe, for instance, with its strong feelings and all respect for life messages). I wanted it to be a first about the human imagination and I want to represent it as a good, benevolent force, not a malevolent one (it doesn't matter how you use your imagination). And someday, Rob, Tracy and Sandro, we'll create the little something that is a LOT like Rugrats, The Angry Beavers and Total Drama combined while using our respective style of writing and animating, and if KawaiiWonder's Ridonculous Race OCs are any indication (I heard her voice actors of choice are Erin Fitzgerald, E.G. Daily and Estelle Harris; sounds like the American and Canadian voice actors joining forces, which is a good thing, since Canada is one of America's neighbors), I think Fresh TV and Disney Television Animation will work together on the former's first Disney show since 2006's Yin Yang Yo (well technically, it was Elliot Animation (its animation service when it comes to 6teen, Total Drama and Grojband) that animated the show, but still).


Nickolas A. Naujalis.

P.S.: My brother Buddy and Rachel's baby, Lillian is born on December 20th, 2016.

And now, for the epilogue, this, my idea of having Wander, Sylvia and Kick Buttowski together in a preview:

(*fade in*)

(*We see Sammy-Seven (he has the same voice as his same-named counterpart from Nightmare Ned) in a blank white background walking with Tammy-Twelve and Elammy-Eleven*)

(*Sammy-Seven: "(*angrily*) What a horrible con-ver-sa-tiooooooooooooon!"*)

(*Tammy-Twelve (to Sammy-Seven): "(*stops walking with Elammy-Eleven*) (*turns head to him*) (*flatly*) (*in the same voice as Crimson*) Tell us about it."*)


(*Sammy-Seven (to Tammy-Twelve): "(*madly*) It would appear that if teh othersiders at (*cut*) (*voice-over*) Disney (*Tammy-Twelve and Elammy-Eleven each raise a eyebrow*) would pick us up (*cut*) for a animated serieeeeeeeees! (*cut*) (*points at ????? and ??????*) Just ask teh love-child of that orange-wearing gypsy and gnome who thinks he is helping others but is noooooooooooooot! And that paper-thin creatuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!"*)

(*camera rotates to........Wander and Sylvia*)

(*A instrumental version of the theme song for 2013's Wander over Yonder plays*)

(*Wander (to Sammy-Seven, Tammy-Twelve and Elammy-Eleven): "(*waves hand at them*) Hiya, pals! (*cut*) Some folks call me
Wander, (*cut*) so you may as well mention me by my own name!"*)


(*Tammy-Twelve: "(*scared*) (*gasp*) (*flatly*) What teh?!"*)

(*Wander (to Tammy-Twelve): "(*shows up to her in a flash*) (*hugs her*) I think there's still good in you!"*)


(*Sylvia (to the camera): "(*gladly*) (*folds arms*) (*gets slainted-eyed*) Thank goodness someone had the foresight to mention us or we'd never be seen on Disney XD, (*moves head closer*) (*widens eyes*) (*raises hands*) EVER AGAIN!"*)


(*Elammy-Eleven (to Tammy-Twelve): "(*flatly*) (*sigh*) (*points at Wander*) (*in the same voice as Ennui*) Is tis teh evil gnome who tried to steal teh individual sides of everyone teh world over?"*)

(*camera pans right a bit*)

(*Sylvia (to Elammy-Eleven): "Actually, (*points at Wander*) that's--(*notices a horse and a man with a suit in shades of blue walk by*)

(*resumes*) Wander."*)


(*Elammy-Eleven (to Sylvia): "(*flatly*) Why should we know?"*)

(*Tammy-Twelve (to Sylvia): "(*pushes Wander aside, much to his confusion*) (*flatly*) It's obvious that (*cut*) (*voice-over*) you should ditch teh third season, (*cut*) (*points at Sammy-Seven, Elammy-Eleven and herself*) when all three of us should (*points at someone*) get.....(*dramatic close-up*) (*gets shifty-eyed*) teh imagination of Nick, Eduard and Buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"*)

(*camera flash-forwards to the main cast (from left to right) - Nickolas, Eduard, Buddy, Rosalyn and Charlie*)

(*Nickolas (to Buddy): "(*turns head to him*) Okay, (*cut*) (*Buddy is confused*) (*voice-over*) if we're to get our own Disney cartoon, (*cut*) we might as well have some decent newcomers in the voice-acting business."*)


(*Buddy (to Nickolas): "(*madly*) I am one of those peop--(*gasp*) Wait a sec. (*opens up fingers and points at them while counting*) Ourselves, plus Rob Renzetti and Sandro Corsaro along for the ride, (*madly*) with a added dash of surrealism?! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME!"*)


(*Eduard screams (in the same voice as Nicky Jones) and clings to himself*)

(*camera pans up-right to Rosalyn*)

(*Rosalyn (to Buddy): "(*madly*) Buddy! (*cut*) Really, you shouldn't yell around (*points at Eduard*) Eduard!"*)


(*Buddy (to Rosalyn): "(*closes eyes*) Okay! Let's try to make ourselves as quiet as possible."*)


(*Nickolas (to the camera): "Okay, now I'm confused. (*holds out hand*) What preview is this? I wonder if Craig McCracken's here......."*)

(*Buddy (to Nickolas): "No need."*)

(*Nickolas (to Buddy): "Oh!"*)


(*Nickolas (to Eduard): "Calm down, Eduard. Calm down."*)


(*Eduard: "(*inhales*) (*exhales*)"*)


(*Nickolas (to Eduard): "Good boy."*)


(*Charlie: "Whatever it is, (*cut*) (*voice-over*) we aren't too fazed by all this. (*cut*) (*to Buddy*) You with us?"*)


(*Buddy (to the camera): "(*snarks*) Don't we look gorgeous as animated versions of ourselves?"*)


(*camera pans left*)

(*Kick Buttowski suddenly skateboards to the scene, with Gunther by his side, walking, with a guitar riff based off 2010's Kick Buttowski playing*)


(*Kick Buttowski (to the main five): "(*grabs his skateboard*) (*walks to them*) So, (*cut*) you're the cast of the new 'toon on the block, right?"*)

(*Nickolas (to Kick ButtowskI): "We're from Michigan. (*points at Rosalyn*) Ever heard of Rosalyn? She's (*cut*) (*voice-over*) good at a variety of sports."*)

(*Rosalyn (to Kick Buttowski): "(*waves at him*) Hi, Kick!"*)


(*Kick Buttowski (to Rosalyn): "Wanna (*shows her his skateboard*) see me skateboard?"*)


(*Rosalyn (to Kick Buttowski): "Yeah! (*clasps her hands*) I would love to!"*)


(*The main five sees Kick Buttowski show off his stunts, with a back-flip, and a double-decker loop-de-loop while jumping over crocodiles*)


(*Crocodile #5 (to the camera): "(*gladly*) We're king of tis!"*)


(*The main five were impressed by Kick Buttowski's stunts, resulting in giving him a round of applause*)


(*Rosalyn: "(*about Kick Buttowski*) (*gladly*) Kid really knows how to roll. (*to Nickolas*) (*turns head to him*) Right?"*)


(*Nickolas (to Rosalyn): "Yep!"*)

(*camera zooms out a little wider to reveal a small teen girl with average black hair, white skin, a pointy nose, a purple sweater and sweatpants*)

(*?????? (to the main five): "(*points at Kick Buttowski*) (*in the same voice as Gwen from Total Drama*) Is that Kick Buttowski?"*)


(*Eduard (to ??????): "(*points at Kick Buttowski*) DA!"*)


(*Buddy (to ??????): "Are you Ellody?"*)


(*Ellody (to Buddy): "Yeah, if it weren't for Kick, we would hav--(*gets interupted*) (*gasp*)"*)

(*camera pans right to Sammy-Seven, Elammy-Eleven and Tammy-Twelve having successfully captured Wander and Sylvia walk to them*)

(*Sammy-Seven (to Ellody): "(*madly*) Stop iiiiiiiiiit! (*points at Kick and Gunther*) What is tiiiiiiiiiis!? (*cut*) (*voice-over*) A French kid
and a pudgy footballer that has mocked someonnnnnnnnne?"*)

(*Gunther (to Kick Buttowski): "(*whispers*) (*points at Sammy-Seven*) This guy's startin' to freak us out!"*)

(*Kick Buttowski (to the camera): "(*snarks*) So much for the cartoon connection! (*sadly droops*) Biscuits!"*)


(*Tammy-Twelve (to Ellody): "(*flatly*) Halt! Girl who has mocked meeeeeeee!"*)


(*Ellody (to Buddy): "I hope (*points at Tammy-Twelve*) that girl won't hurt at me, (*scared*) right?"*)


(*Buddy (to Ellody): "WRONG, ELLODY!"*)


(*??????? (to Buddy): "(*voice-over*) (*in Nick Offerman's voice and in a Irish accent*) Ahem!"*)

(*Buddy turns out to and gulps at the sight of ???????, ???????? and ??????????*)

(*Buddy (to the three): "(*scared*) S-S-Slammus, L-Lackimus and C-C-C-Cry-s-s-strayus?!"*)


(*Slammus (to Buddy): "(*points at Ellody*) Is that our sister you yelled at?"*)

(*camera pans right to a furious Lackimus and Crystrayus*)

(*Crystrayus (to Buddy): "(*madly*) (*in Nicky Jones' voice also*) NO ONE INSULTS MY SISTERS BUT ME!"*)

(*Lackimus (to Buddy): "(*pulls out a sword for his one of pants pockets*) HEE-RO LAC-KI-MU SAVES TEH VEEEEEEEEEERLD!"*)


(*Buddy (to the camera): "(*as the silhouettes of the Brothers Lackimus start to attack him*) (*scared*) So much for worldwide TV!"*)


(*Nickolas uses his imagination to build a imaginary barrier between him and Buddy*)


(*Lackimus (to Nickolas): "Ooooooooooh! Eet ees eh guud eemugeenaeshun, ye-es?"*)


(*Nickolas (to Lackimus): "Oooooookay."*)


(*Crystrayus (to Lackimus and Slammus): "(*scoff*) WHY AREN'T 'CHA ATTACKING?!"*)

(*Slammus (to Crystrayus): "Somehow, we'll spare 'em tis time."*)

(*Lackimus (to Slammus): "(*points at Eduard*) Ees tees Eduard?"*)


(*Eduard (to Lackimus): "(*turns head to him*) Huh?"*)

(*Lackimus (to Eduard): "(*shuts eyes*) (*happily*) Ite louvre chou, Eduard!"*)

(*camera pans right to Ellody*)

(*Ellody (to Slammus): "Uhh....what's going on?"*)


(*Slammus: "(*to Ellody*) Somehow Lackimus' now got a thing for Lackimus, now that he's cure of his evilness an--(*looks at Sammy-Seven attacking Gunther and Kick Buttowski*) (*gasp*) (*to Sammy-Seven*) SAMMY-SEVEN! DON'T ATTACK KICK AND GUNTHER! (*runs to him*)"*)


(*Sammy-Seven: "Tis would not end well. (*gets pounded by Slammus*) (*screams*)"*)


(*Nickolas (to the camera): "Be sure to wat--(*Charlie walks by*)"*)

(*Charlie (to Nickolas): "Nickolas."*)


(*Nickolas (to Charlie): "(*turns head to him*) What?"*)


(*Charlie (to Nickolas): "I hope some of Renzetti's creations would get their own cartoons, eventually."*)


(*Nickolas (to Charlie): "They sure will."*)


(*Buddy: "(*sees a reddish button*) What's this? (*tries to touch it*)"*)


(*All characters (to Buddy): "(*scared*) (*gasp*) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"*)


(*Buddy touches the button -- revealed to be labeled "END OF PREVIEW"*)


(*Buddy (to everyone): "(*turns body to them*) (*raises hands*) What? It's just a harmless li--(*some strange effect occurs*) Huh? What's goin' on?"*)


(*Nickolas (to Ellody): "I think this is the end of this preview, right?"*)

(*Ellody (to Nickolas): "Yeah, it is! And stuff!"*)

(*everyone gets sucked in and the white background turns complete inside out, revealing a black background*)

(*The series logo --a brain-shape with magenta outlines, the words "THE IMAGINATION OF" in a Nightmare Ned font and rainbow-colored, the word "NICK" in green with the silhouette of one of the main characters in place of the "I", the word "EDUARD" in magenta and the word "BUDDY" in blue (all in 1970s-style big letters) on the inside and with the word "THE" in black and also in a Nightmare Ned font, on a pencil, on it -- complete with Disney logo on the top as par with usual Disney cartoons is shown*)

(*Nickolas: "(*voice-over*) I hope I'll help Mr. Jimenez getting his creations to cartoon industry, if the get the chance! And now, goodbye for now! See us in 4-19-2020!"*)

(*we cut to black*)
Dear DeviantARTists,

     I'm now on DeviantART. I hope my ideas'll impress you all. I like showcasing your work on my blog, Idea Talk with Nickolas Naujalis, here, on I have this project which I've written short stories and three online novels for last year, called The Imagination of Nick, Eduard and Buddy, about a author avatar version of myself, my brother Buddy, this Animitan oval-headed goth named Eduard Nochkoshmar, some of my old friends Rosalyn and Charlie, on highly unusual yet imaginative adventures on a (sort-of) epic scale. It takes place in two worlds: one, the real world (aka Earth), the two, a highly fantastical but creative, diverse realm called the Dreamiverse, where a special breed of man called the Animite, which, regardless of size, age, species, heritage and colored skin and/or hair, possess strange super-powers the world has never seen before. There are also buildings, weaponry and vehicles, which appear normal......until you find out that they are highly fantastical as they are.
     Despite the fact that they play roles as atypical heroes and villains in everyone's individual stories, no matter what ideas and figments the person has, they tend to have dance parties after the story they've taken part in. But, there are some threats who'd rather ditch its at-times intriguing creativity. Take the Idea Suckers, for example. Being the Dark Matter meets the Death Eaters, they are monsters with black, burgundy and indigo stripes from a mysterious, shadowy planet where imagination is outlawed (their leader, Rogue, a once-oval-head-turned-atypical evil semi-humanoid sorceress, is three airplanes tall and happens to disguise her two halves as a rock star and her manager), and have a tendency to disguise themselves as people in the most subtle way possible. And then, they steal their ideas, so they use them to power up themselves and take over the world!

     However, there are some individuals who would rise up to the challenge, if they can overcome their flaws long enough; some like Hattie and Ariel Lee, two oval-headed sisters (who are female versions of Norbert and Daggett, but individual in personality; Ariel Lee is a bit calmer, plus he's Filipino-American-Animitan in nationally), Galina (who has a physique identical to that of the body of Basil from the My Life as a Teenage Robot fan-fiction short story "London Calling", save the gender, neat hair, suit, personality, eyes and buck-teeth, and has a dark blue hoodie, magenta sneakers, a burgundy and indigo-striped long-sleeved shirt, ripped violet jorts (much like Eduard's) plain-looking, dyed indigo hair, lips not unlike the ones from the Total Drama series and eyes which are identical to that of the phony punk girl Candy Jams from the Grojband episode "Girl Fest" (whose presence gave me inspiration for Kiki's disguise)), and of course, our main five (Nickolas (the one in charge), Buddy (the strong one; doubles as the smart one), Eduard (the quirky one), Rosalyn (the wild one) and Charlie (the smart one)). Personally, it's more of a social journey in online novel form (for me, at least).

     The project itself is inspired by video games like Kirby, Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario Bros., cartoons like Rugrats and Total Drama (which explains the style in my head) and a video game AND computer game called Nightmare Ned, in which a young boy with a bald head, glasses and short size, deals with his problems and anxieties through dark, quirky nightmares. Seems like a unique premise. But what if nightmares and dreams both exist in the human mind? Well, if I get a invitation from Disney Television Animation (which, not surprisingly, created the cartoon alongside Creative Capers Entertainment) considering the letter that I wrote for Rob Renzetti (who now works here) and Sandro Corsaro (who actually approved of The-Man-Of-Tomorrow's idea of Kick meeting the Battletoads, ala Facebook; I think this sounds like a great idea for a REAL series finale, know what I'm saying?), maybe I'll work with them both and I'll get my idea of the human imagination actually existing and need for protection, weaponizing and fun off the ground all while being intriguing to the audience. That my friends, is the reason why I'm going to create a show like this at Disney Television Animation, if I get the chance.


Nickolas A. Naujalis. 

Here's the web address:

You can go there, if you want.