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The Summer of Nick, Eduard and Gwen
                                                                                                Part 25
Fifty-Fifth Day (Saturday, July 25)

(*fade in*)

(*Ted and Kiki (to ???????): "(*scared*) W-W-W-W-Who are you?"*)
Said Ted and Kiki to the mysterious outback survivalist, who revealed herself to be......(*flash*) Jasmine. And whom he brought along for the ride, you asked? Shawn, the zombie conspiracy nut. "No zombies are gonna get my brains!" shouted Shawn.

"What's a stupid, tall girl like you doin' in teh woods with a boy who's got SUCH a stupid set of every zombie theory known to man? (*laughs maniacally*)" mocked Ted to Jasmine, who doesn't like being the victim of such comments related to her size, and said to him and Kiki, "No no no no! I DON'T like comments about my size! So, no thanks!" said Jasmine to the terrible two, and Shawn said, as he popped out to the two, "(*points at Jasmine*) What she said."; (*cut*) "Why are you elected (*finger-quotes*) "camp counseler"? (*close-up*) WHY'D YOU SHOW UP IN TEH WOODS?! I! NEED! A! ANSWER!" said Ted to Jasmine, who said "'Cause Jack asked us if we could substitute for him today, since you and Kiki here turned him into a barely more than a charm. (*cut*) And why we'd show up in the forest? It's kinda nice in here!"; (*cut*) "I hate Amazonians!" yelled Kiki.; "(*voice-over*) What was that?" said Jasmine to Kiki, who said "I! HATE! AMAZONIANS!"; (*cut*) And Jasmine, sick of the fashionista of the duo making comments about every girl's size and her hatred of tomboyish activities (even though she's enjoyed yelling), decided to take away her make-up as punishment for such bad habits.; "I guess we're both gonna show both of you the waaaaays of the wilderness survivor!"; "(*raises shoulders*) Meh. (*decides to play on his game console*)" said Ted.; But Shawn took away his game. "Hey! That's mine, (*cut*) mine, mine, (*cut*) MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!" yelled Ted to Shawn, who said "(*nervously laughs*) Temper."


(*static noises*; *Jasmine in the anytime confessional*)

(*Jasmine (to the camera): "We gonna show these guys a little respect for nature, before they use
these magical art supplies to destroy everything in their path! I wouldn't even allow it!"*)

(*static noises*: *Shawn in the anytime confessional*)

(*Shawn (to the camera): "Yeeeeah. It's great to be with Jas again. Once these two have respect for nature, we'll reform them!"*)

(*static noises*)

Ted and Kiki were most shocked by the aspects of nature. First off, Jasmine showed Kiki how to hunt, but she drawn some men with the biggest muscules and the littlest legs in physique and some crossbows in their hands to hunt for her. "That's a little off there, Kiki!" the outback survivalist said with bewilderment.; (*flash*) Then, Shawn tried to show Ted how to gather any food he can find as long as it's edible, but the latter decided to draw some ladies (French maids, to be exact) to prove the food he found (mostly berries and nuts) for him. If him saying "(*madly shouts*) That's how ya treat ladies?!" is any indication, Shawn himself wasn't pleased.; (*flash*) But worst of all, was how they could survive the wilds for Noitanigami knows how long. Kiki just screamed at some bears for "NOT BEIN' CUTE E-NOOOOOOOOUGH!" and ran away, thus the ursa-folk mauled her. She also never fought back. And Ted just attacked some squirrels (through sucking them up in a vacuum) for no reason other than he does not like cute. "WHERE'S MY MAKE-UP?!" screamed Kiki. Ted said "Where is my stinkin' handheld!?"; (*flash*) "SUMMER CAMP SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!" said Ted.; "It DOES!" said Kiki.; "Okay, we both know nature's not your thing! (*cut*) But can you both show us how to tell them a scary story?" said Jasmine to Ted and Kiki, whom the former said "Yep! We'll tell a not-scary story. This one's a doozy." And Ted started to tell the story.
(*Ted (to the summer campers): "(*finds a spot, sits in it*) Once upon a time, there were two people who were poor 'cause they had very few material things AND DIDN'T LOOK INCREDULOUSLY, SUPERLY, FANTASTIXALY PRETTY! Their names were Ted and Kiki and they were bossed around by their stupid, stupid father. Until one day, they found a MAGICAL ART SUPPLY KIT which rendered us able to draw whatever teh they WANT! And thus, they erased their father away from existence and were able to maintain a life of doin' whatever we want. Until teh EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL squaddies camper decided to place them in a ridiculous school found here, where they met very low-class students WHO DIDN'T EVEN LOOK PRETTY! (*flash*) And teh stupidest, dumbest things they've ever heard were from WEIRDOS! Weird goth girl, delinquent, tall, dark and stupid, guitar player with teh cheekbones, GEEKS! (*flash*) They were a bunch o' GEEKS and FREAKS waitin' TO DESTROY THEM OFF TEH PLANET! And they were askin' them stuff! (*flash*) And then, TIS HAPPENED AGAIN ALL OVER! (*flash*) And they, teh governmental guys, de-cided to rid Canada of they as pu-nish-ment, and then, they were placed in TIS Dreamiverse, here in teh Peaceville section! (*flash*) They found out that some STUPID kids were playin' with STUPID instruments! (*flash*) They had to make sure that they'd never, ever play again! FOR TEH REST AND LAST OF THEIR LIFES! (*flash*) So, they had a smarty smart plan: she, Kiki, had to steal gothic make-up from tis stupid CANDY JAMS and use her name as a excuse for teh latest baddest evilest schemes they've come up with! And, he, Ted, managed to steal tis deep blue jacket, and all teh colorfulest clothes he could can get! And had to balloon-ify himself (including his head) to make HIMSELF look smarter, which he has have teh brainy smarts for! (*flash*) And so, they stole a limo to make themselves look like today's starts and Morojband down for teh count! (*flash*) And so, Kiki convinced Laney to help her with her plans, unaware that she was sellin' eh produck line-op to make ladies be true to her as her, and by extension, HER OWN BROTHER! (*flash*) Little did they know, THEY WERE ACTUALLY, IN ACTUALITY, BEIN' TURNED INTO CHARMS! (*flash*) And teh dynamic duo o' Ted and Kiki dee-cided to overthrew teh MAYOR O' PEACEVILLE! And then, we de-cided that if EVERYONE NEEDS A EDUARD NOCHKOSHMAR AND A NICKOLAS, THEN SO BE TIS! We decided to draw pitchmen of our own to make everyone wear attire identical to tis stupid Eduard and Nickolas, and have teh REAL ones excluded! (*flash*) And, that's, in actuality, what we're gonna do to all of yoooooooooooou. Tea end. And Ted and Kiki is us."*)


(*Junior: "(*snarks*) Oooooooh, I'm soooo scared."*)

(*Ben (to Junior): "Tell me about it. There's somethin' about these two that make them more redundant in language."*)

(*camera pans left*)

(*Cody gets out of the Mess Hall*)


(*Cody: "Hey, where'd I miss?"*)

(*camera pans right*)

(*Ellody (to Cody): "You missed (*snarks*) teh spookiest story I've ever heard."*)


(*Jasmine (to Ted and Kiki): "That's your kind of campfire story?!"*)

(*Ted (to Jasmine): "Pretty much. (*cut*) Describes our plan in detail."*)


(*Jasmine (to Ted and Kiki): "You mean worldwide domination?"*)


(*Kiki (to Jasmine): "(*whispers*) Exactly."*)


(*Shawn (to Ted and Kiki): "(*walks backwards*) You both scare us, for a couple of living people."*)

(*Ted and Kiki (to Shawn): "WHAAAAAAAAT?!"*)


(*Shawn: "(*weakly*) Uh-oh."*)


(*Ted and Kiki scream, while dumping water on the campfire*)

(*Cody (to Ted and Kiki): "You're both braindead, (*cut*) YA KNOW THAT?"*)


(*Ted (to Cody): "Nope. (*laughs maniacally*)"*)


(*Lindsay (to Ted and Kiki): "(*madly*) You'll never get away with this, Topher and Kelly!"*)


(*Kiki (to Lindsay): "(*madly*) UUUUUGH!!! TEA NAMES ARE TED N' KIKI!"*)


(*Beth (to Ted and Kiki): "(*madly*) When school starts, we're gonna find some tutors for both of ya!"*)


(*Carrie-Mire (to Ted and Kiki): "(*snarks*) Kinda lackin' in the brain department here, guys."*)

(*Ted (to Carrie-Mire): "SO WHAT? (*screams and runs with a stick he picked up from nowhere*)"*)

(*Ellody (to Cody): "(*sigh*) Soooo, you wanna grab some donuts?"*)

(*Cody (to Ellody): "Sure."*)


(*We see that Kiki is pulling one of Jasmine's ears*)

(*Jasmine (to Kiki): "Ooooooow! Kiki! No, no, no, no, no, no! (*cut*) (*voice-over*) You're thy most childish thing on the planet, ya know that?"*)

(*Kiki (to Jasmine): "(*stops for a moment*) (*sadly*) Oh, Jasmine. All I ever wanted was to be your frieeeeeeend! (*starts to mock-cry*)"*)


(*Jasmine (to Kiki): "(*sigh*) Fine. (*cut*) But this is your last chance."*)

(*Kiki (to Jasmine): "(*pushes her off the edge*) SURPRISE! (*laughs maniacally*)"*)


(*Jasmine: "(*after getting pushed by Kiki*) Ooooooooow!"*)


(*static noises*; *Cody and Ellody in the anytime confessional*)

(*Ellody (to the camera): "UUUUUUGH! Pushing others? (*shouts*) It's not even that FUNNY!"*)

(*Cody (to Ellody): "You said it, Ellody."*)

(*Ellody (to the camera): "(*snarks*) These two are gonna need babysitters."*)

(*static noises*)


(*Ted (to Kiki): "Where to now, Kiki?"*)

(*Kiki (to Ted): "(*points at somewhere*) There! C'mon!"*)


(*Josee and Jacques are practicing prancing outside, but are soon interupted by Ted and Kiki*)


(*Josee (to Ted and Kiki): "WHAT DO YOU TWO WANT?"*)

(*Ted (to Josee): "Um, ma'am, can I mess with you for a moment?"*)

(*Josee (to Ted): "And then what? TRY TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A FOOL?! I'm know what I'm doing!"*)


(*The music that plays when Mina struggles to get rid of Candy Jams' bodyguard plays during this*)

(*Jacques (to Ted and Kiki): "You two really are braindead! (*straightens a little*) You both know that?!"*)


(*Ted just stands there with his sister and throws a raspberry at Josee and Jacques*)


(*Josee (to Jacques): "(*whispers*) What shall we do, Jacques?"*)

(*Jacques (to Josee): "(*whispers*) Just smile and prance! (*The two just that*)"*)


(*Ted and Kiki see a tent*)


(*Heather, Taylor, Duncan and Scott are the ones inside the tent, enjoying bottles of grape soda and some pizza*)

(*Heather hear ??? and ????'s battle cries*)

(*Heather (to Taylor): "(*whispers*) Who was that?"*)

(*Taylor (to Heather): "(*whispers*) FYI, I'm, like, not in the mood to hear what's goin' on at

(*Heather and Taylor hear ??? and ???? muttering their own names loudly*)


(*Heather (to Taylor, Duncan and Scott): "(*gasp*) (*scared*) Did you hear that, Taylor, Duncan and Scott?! They're out to get us for no reason whatsoever!"*)


(*Scott (to Heather): "Who's Ted and Kiki?"*)


(*Heather (to Scott): "(*madly*) UUUUUUGH! Those idiots! Are out! To get us!"*)


(*Scott (to Heather): "That makes sense."*)

(*Duncan (to Scott): "(*madly*) Does it, Snott? (*laughs*)"*)


(*static noises*; *Duncan in the anytime confessional, laughing*)

(*Duncan (to the camera): "(*pauses for a moment*) I called Scott "Snott"! (*continues laughing*)"*)

(*static noises*; *Scott in the anytime confessional*)

(*Scott (to the camera): "(*madly*) UUUUUGH! I can't believe Duncan called me "SNOTT"!"*)

(*static noises*)


(*Ted and Kiki pop out from outside the tent*)

(*Ted and Kiki (to Heather, Scott, Duncan and Taylor): "GONNA GOTCHA!"*)


(*Taylor (with eyes widenened and irises shrunk) screams at Ted and Kiki, while throwing her diary at them*)


(*Heather (to Ted and Kiki): "(*folds her arms*) Go. A-waaaaaay!"*)


(*Scott (to Duncan): "Way to go, Duncan! You and that laughing of yours attracted Ted and Kiki IN THE FIRST PLACE!"*)

(*Duncan (to Scott): "Hey! It's not my fault these two really need to lighten up!"*)


(*Ted (to Duncan): "Duncan, my dear boy? (*cut*) Do us a favor AND TELL 'EM TO LEAVE YA, SO WE TOGETHER (*reverts to demonic voice*) ANNIHILATE TEH HUMAN IMAGINATION ALTOGETHEEEEEEEEEEER FOREVEEEEEEEEEER!"*)

(*Kiki (to Duncan): "We know things! LOTS OF THINGS!"*)


(*Duncan (to Ted and Kiki): "(*folds arms*) Hey! At least I'm straight with people!"*)


(*Ted (to Duncan): "What's it gonna be, Duncan? You or these least forms of goodness? PICK! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!"*)


(*Duncan (to Ted): "I'm stayin' with Heather, Scott and Taylor."*)


(*Heather (to Ted and Kiki): "You may think you're more pretty than us, think nooooo further."*)


(*Ted just kidnaps Heather and makes off with her*)

(*Heather: "(*gasp*) (*scared*) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"*)


(*Sammy-Seven is sleeping on his swivel chair*)

(*Heather (to Sammy-Seven, through his TV): "(*screams*) Sammy-Seven! Save me from Ted and Kiki!"*)


(*the camera zooms out to reveal a news broadcast*)

(*Buzz: "(*to the readers/audience*) We interrupt tis program to give you teh fact that since Buzz Newsworthy has been down with a cold today, we might as well give you our top story. (*to Chance Happening*) Chance?"*)


(*Chance Happening: "(*to Buzz*) (*turns eyes to him*) Yes, Buzz! (*to the readers/audience*) (*turns eyes back to the readers/audience*) It appears that th-- (*camera loses focus*) What's going on here? Is everyone there? Hellooooooo.......(*the camera moves in the wrong direction*) (*looks and gasps at Ted and Kiki wearing jetpacks and wielding clubs*) (*turns head to the readers/audience*) Never mind. (*starts running from Ted and Kiki*) LET'S GET THE HECK OUTTA--"*)

(*static noises*)

(*Total Drama's own version of the Muzak music plays and we see the same title card with a shocked Chef Hatchet looking at the camera on his pan with the words "PLEEZ" (on the top) and "STAN BIE" (on the bottom) in the typical Total Drama font and in red*)

(*the camera zooms out a little to reveal that Gwen (holding a scared Eduard in her arms), Nickolas, Rosalyn, Ben and Trent are watching this*)

(*Eduard screams*)


(*Gwen (to Eduard): "(*calms him down*) Don't panic, okay?"*)

(*Nickolas: "That. Was. Bogus. Even for them."*)

(*Trent (to Nickolas): "Tell me about it."*)


(*Gwen (to Eduard): "Eduard. Everything'll be okay."*)


(*Nickolas (to Eduard): "Eduard, as a matter of fact, everything's going to be okay."*)


(*Ben (to Eduard): "Things are gonna be okay. Right, Eduard?"

(*Eduard (to Gwen, Nickolas and Ben): "Sesibo."*)


(*Ryan and Stephanie are trying to train for the upcoming event*)

(*Ryan is running while panting*)

(*Stephanie (to Ryan): "RYAN! (*cut*) We're not gonna fight against this Ted and Kiki this year! So run fastah!"*)


(*Ryan (to Stephanie): "I am! Are you turning into a she-bull again?"*)

(*Stephanie (to Ryan): "Like I said, (*yells*) bulls....are.....MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!"*)

(*Ryan (to Stephanie): "Whatever! (*cut*) She-cow, maybe?"*)


(*Narrator (to Ryan and Stephanie): "Ryan. Stephanie. Stop arguing."*)

(*Ryan (to the narrator): "What?"*)

(*Stephanie (to the narrator): "Who are you?"*)

(*Narrator (to Ryan and Stephanie): "I'm the narrator (a voice that narrates the action, obviously)."*)


(*Stephanie (to the narrator): "(*madly*) (*growls*) You badgerin' into our lives for this?!"*)

(*Narrator (to Ryan and Stephanie): "(*nervously laughs*) Sorry. Let me explain: there's a team of former creations I used to have and a current one: a robot girl with short hair who has a temper, but has good leadership skills, two bald-headed creatures and a hot tempered Animite with a buzzsaw mohawk from the Alphazone."*)

(*Ryan (to the narrator): "And who are they?"*)

(*Narrator (to Ryan and Stephanie): "Alpha, Lori, Ripto and Alpha Jr. obviously. A.K.A.................Team Roto! Obviously!"*)


(*Ryan and Stephanie: "WHAT?!"*)


(*Team Roto appears*)


(*Alpha Jr. does a double kick on his way*)

(*Alpha (to Ryan and Stephanie): "(*waves hand at them*) Hello, my fine friends. (*shows them his allies*) This is Lori, and those are Ripto and Alpha Jr.."*)

(*Ripto (to Ryan and Stephanie): "(*snarks*) Hello."*)


(*Stephanie (to Alpha): "Mustn't show up like this!"*)

(*Ryan (to Alpha): "How'd you lead the team into there?"*)


(*static noises*; *Alpha in the anytime confessional*)

(*Alpha (to the camera): "I do make a good leader. Although it's people questioning how I do it and the fact that I'm a former villain from the Dreamiverse that's the problem!"*)

(*static noises*)


(*Ripto (to Ryan, Stephanie and his teammates): "(*looks up the internet through his holoscreens*) According to the internet and in the news, (*cut*) two people have involved into (*cut*) (*voice-over*) (*camera pans down to the word "robot"*) a robot (*cut*) that'll attack all people (or "othersiders", as the Animites call them) and perish them all as we speak."*)


(*Alpha Jr. (to Ripto): "If the apocalypse comes, beep me. (*runs to the robot*)"*)

(*Stephanie (to Ripto): "Okay, number two for brains! WHAT ARE WE DOIN' IN THIS PLACE OTHER THAN INFORM THAT THE GROJBOTS ARE COMIN'!?"*)


(*Ripto (to Ryan and Stephanie): "Wait for it."*)


(*Alpha Jr.: "(*opens the door*) (*screams*) My legs are burnt! Everyone be carefuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuull! (*runs and screams*)"*)

(*A mysterious portly-physiqued robot with a round-head bursts out of the wall surrounding the door*)

(*The searchlights reveal it to be a Grojbot and Ted and Kiki sneak out of behind the robot's back and its name: Estroyah*)

(*Ted (to Ryan, Stephanie, Lori, Alpha, Ripto and Alpha Jr.): "Didn't see all of you losers out there."*)

(*Kiki (to Ryan, Stephanie, Lori, Alpha Ripto and Alpha Jr.): "Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah."*)


(*Lori (to Ted and Kiki): "(*gasp*) (*madly*) Did you just call me a...........(*growls*) LOSER!?"*)


(*static noises*; Lori in the anytime confessional*)

(*Lori (to the camera): "(*madly*) THIS TICKS ME OFF!! (*calmly*) Although to be honest, somethin' needs to be done about that (*madly*) TED AND KIKI!!"*)

(*static noises*; *Ripto and Alpha Jr. in the anytime confessional*)

(*Ripto (to Alpha Jr.): "(*wraps bandages around his legs*) Next time, be careful."*)

(*Alpha Jr. (to Ripto): "(*salutes*) Aye aye, captain!"*)

(*Ripto sighs*)

(*static noises*)


(*Estroyah: "(*close-up*) (*in his robot voice*) Animites, cats, birds and dogs: Superiah. Othasidahs and eels: Inferiah."*)


(*Ryan (to Stephanie): "(*gasp*) Stephanie! (*clings onto her*) (*screams*) What's goin' on in (*sobs*) he-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-re?!"*)

(*Stephanie (to Ryan): "Don't worry, baby! Steph's gotcha!"*)


(*Stephanie (to Estroyah): "You may be a sentient Grojbot, BUT YOU'RE CLEARLY NOT SAINT!!"*)



(*Estroyah (to some flying Grojbots): "(*camera pans up*) (*points to his enemies*) (*voice-over*) (*in his robot voice*) Ghostpeaks, ATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!"*)


(*Lori (to Estroyah): "(*punches fist in hand*) OHHHHHHHHH! IT'S ON! (*yells while leaping to battle the flying Grojbots*)"*)


(*Stephanie (to Ryan): "Ryan! Where are ya goin'?"*)

(*Ryan (to Stephanie): "Somewhere safe than (*points at here*) in there."*)

(*camera zooms out a little*)

(*Alpha (to Stephanie): "You take care of the Grojbots! Me and Ripto will get Ryan to safety!"*)

(*Alpha and Ripto get Ryan to safety*)

(*Ryan (to Alpha and Ripto): "Thanks, guys! How can I ever repay ya?"*)


(*Stephanie kicks the flying Grojbots*)



(*Ted and Kiki have surprised looks on their faces while Stephanie and Lori have defeated the Grojbots*)


(*Stephanie (to Ted and Kiki): "Not so invincible after all, are ya, Ted and Kiki?"*)


(*Ted (to Stephanie and Lori): "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! You may have both won TIS round, Steph and Bori! (*cut*) But we'll be back!"*)


(*Ted (to Kiki): "Kiki! COME!"*)

(*Ted and Kiki climb on Estroyah and fly away*)


(*Lori (to Stephanie): "So, wanna go home?"*)

(*Stephanie (to Lori) "Sure. (*raises hands*) Why not?"*)


(*Lori and Stephanie open the door*)

(*Stephanie (to Ryan): "Ryan, we've won. For now."*)

(*Ryan (to Stephanie): "Ya did? (*sniff*) Thank you, Steph!"*)

(*fade out*)

Cue the next chapter.
The Summer of Nick, Eduard and Gwen 2-25
Carrie-Mire (from The Not-So-Twisted Tales of Hollow Hill): AKBDrawsStuff.

Total Drama and Grojband characters: 2007-hiatus, 2013-2015 Fresh TV, Neptoon Studios and Teletoon/Cartoon Network.

The Imagination of Nick, Eduard and Buddy characters and Dreamiverse concept: 2016-present Club Dreamiverse.
The Summer of Nick, Eduard and Gwen
                                                                                                   Part 24
Fifty-Fourth Day (Friday, July 24)

(*fade in*)

(*We see that Ted and Kiki are going on a walk to find minions to help them successfully complete their take-over*)

(*Ted (to Kiki): "Today, my be-loved sibling and blood relative, we'll finally get a chance to TAKE OVER TEH WORLD! Usin' one of those lucky fools, to say the least."*)


(*Kiki (to Ted): "Aaaaaaand?"*)




(*Kiki (to Ted): "(*gasps*) That's what I was thinking also!"*)

(*Ted and Kiki maniacally laugh*)


(*We see that the Rock Monster duo is lifting weights*)

(*Rock Monster #1 (to his partner): "(*flatly*) Hello, Rock Monster."*)

(*Rock Monster #2 (to his partner): "(*flatly*) Hello, Rock Monster."*)


(*Rock Monster #1 (to his partner): "(*flatly*) How many more weightlifts have we got left?"*)

(*Rock Monster #2 (to his partner): "(*flatly*) One-hundred, and ten in teh closet."*)

(*Rock Monster #1 (to his partner): "(*flatly*) Teh upstairs closet? That's all teh way upstaaaaaaaairs!"*)

(*Rock Monster #2 (to his partner): "(*flatly*) Don't be such a cry-pebble."*)


(*Ted and Kiki walk up to the Rock Monster duo*)

(*Ted (to the Rock Monster duo): "So, who are ya? Pebbly beasts!? (*laughs*)"*)


(*Rock Monster #1 (to Ted): "(*flatly*) Don't you dare insult us."*)

(*Kiki (to the Rock Monster duo): "We were both wondering and pondering about our newest evil plan? (*cut*) So, will ya both join?"*)


(*Rock Monster #2 (to Kiki): "(*flatly*) not what we have in common."*)


(*Kiki (to the Rock Monster duo): "You both come? Perfect!"*)


(*The Rock Monster duo, Ted and Kiki are walking in a park*)


(*Ted (to the Rock Monster duo): "(*points at something*) Why do you two do a favor and attack one of these TOY STORES!"*)


(*Rock Monster #2 (to Ted): "(*flatly*) Not our thing. Why do you want to destroy teh stores filled with toys for all good girls and boys?"*)

(*Ted (to the Rock Monster duo): "We've been SICK AND TIRED of EVERYONE having to put up with THESE STINKIN' TOOOOOOOOYS RATHER THAN OURS! (*cut*) Remember Oinky McOinkyton?"*)

(*Rock Monster #1 (to Ted and Kiki): "(*flatly*) Who's Oinky McOinkyton?"*)

(*Ted (to the Rock Monster duo): "(*shows Oinky McOinkyton toy to them*) TIS IS OINKY MCOINKYTON! It was DESIGNED to be teh latest toy IN TEH ENTIRE UNIVERSE to get kids to become as rude, selfish and greedy as us!"*)


(*Rock Monster #1 (to Ted and Kiki): "(*flatly*) Gaaaaasp! You two are really starting to freak us out. You know that?"*)


(*Kiki (to the Rock Monster duo): "(*shows another toy to them*) And Tyyyyyy-RANT!?"*)


(*Rock Monster #2 (to Ted and Kiki): "(*flatly*) Ty-Rant?"*)

(*Kiki (to the Rock Monster duo): "Yes, TY-RANT! (*cut*) It's a doll that's designed to make humanity look like FOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS! That also includes Leastville."*)


(*Rock Monster #1 (to Ted and Kiki): "(*flatly*) But isn't it obvious that you took over Peaceville with your brother?"*)


(*Kiki (to the Rock Monster duo): "(*madly*) UUUUUUGH! YEAH! (*cut*) (*voice-over*) (*whispers*) But that's not all we'll do! (*cut*) A BUNCH OF LOW-CUT GRASS SNAKES WILL TAKE OVER TEH ENTIRETY OF LEASTVILLE AND ALSO TEH DREAMIVERSE ALSO! (*cut*) And, if both their evil plans are successful e-nough, THEY'LL TAKE OVER TEH WORLD! (*cut*) And we're that bunch of low-cut grass SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKES!"*)


(*Rock Monster #2 (to Ted and Kiki): "(*flatly*) Lemme guess. You're both reptilian?"*)

(*camera pans back to both Ted and Kiki*)

(*Ted and Kiki growl angrily*)


(*Ted (to the Rock Monster duo): "(*points at both of them*) WHEN we announce our evil plans,
(*cut*) (*voice-over*) what should both of ya do?"*)

(*Rock Monster #1 (to Ted): "(*flatly*) Thinking, thinking, thinking, oh. Keep our mouths quiet."*)


(*Ted (to the Rock Monster duo): "EXACTLY!"*)

(*camera rotates to Cody and Mike*)

(*Cody (to Mike): "Do I detect yelling?"*)

(*Mike (to Cody): "What yelling?"*)


(*static noises*; *Cody in the anytime confessional*)

(*Cody (to the camera): "Ted and Kiki really need to chill out. (*raises hands*) They do."*)

(*static noises*; *Mike in the anytime confessional*)

(*Mike (to the camera): "I think that even though that Kiki girl's kinda gorgeous in appearance, she's truly somethin', through being bossy, if you put it that way."*)

(*static noises*)


(*Cody (to Ted): "(*walks to him along with Mike*) What are yelling about?"*)

(*Ted (to Cody): "We're both not yelling, we're......RANTING! Yeah, that's it!"*)


(*Cody (to Ted): "Sounds more like screaming to me."*)


(*Mike (to Kiki): "Hey, Kiki! Check it out! (*shows off his skills acquired from Manitoba Smith*) Cool, huh?"*)

(*Kiki (to Mike): "You're pretty much my boy: strong, smart and confident. (*cut*) (*voice-over*) Buuuuut we're gonna do somethin' 'bout that appearance. (*laughs*)"*)


(*Cody (to Kiki): "(*gasps*) (*angrily*) You just didn't insult Mike, did 'cha?!"*)


(*Ted (to Cody): "Hey! Noitanigami knows that (*points at Mike's appearance*) somebody's gonna be fillin' that gap and is gonna need a bit more body weight. (*laughs*)"*)


(*Cody (to Ted and Kiki): "That's it! (*cut*) Even if you're both omnipotents, considering those magical art supplies you've got, NO ONE INSULTS MY BUDDY!"*)

(*Ted (to the Rock Monster duo): "ROCK MONSTEEEEEEEERS! In tis minute, we need teh muscle right 'bout now!"*)


(*The Rock Monsters are enjoying a vacation to the beach, with some of Chris' former interns providing them air and lemonade*)

(*Rock Monster #1 (to his partner): "(*flatly*) Being evil just sucks. Isn't that right, Rock Monster?"*)

(*Rock Monster #2 (to his partner): "(*flatly*) Right, Rock Monster. (*The chubby intern shows up with a glass of lemonade, which he grabs from this tray he's holding*)"*)


(*Cody (to Ted and Kiki): "They're on vacay, Ted and Kiki, enough of your ruthless antics centered around YOUR way!"*)

(*Cody punches both Ted and Kiki in the face*)


(*Cody (to Ted and Kiki): "Like I said, don't insult Mike when I'm around!"*)

(*Mike (to Cody): "(*walks to him*) Thanks for savin' me from the clutches of Ted and Kiki!"*)

(*Both Cody and Mike walk away*)


(*Ted and Kiki get up, get out their hand mirrors (colored in blue and pink, respectively) and gasp at their ruined faces*)

(*Ted and Kiki: "(*in unison*) (*scream*) OUR FACES! OUR BEAUTIFUL FACES! (*scream*)"*)

(*camera pans to the Polka Shark rising from a fountain*)

(*Ted and Kiki: "(*in unison*) (*scared*) S-S-S-S-SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK!!!!!! (*scream*)"*)


(*Polka Shark (to Ted and Kiki): "Calm down, Ted n' Kiki. I'm the Polka Shark and I'm here to help. (*cut*) Now tell me! What's the mattah?"*)




(*Polka Shark (to Ted and Kiki): "I think you both need to go back to summah camp. (*cut*) Here! (*points at his back*) Hop on! I'll take you both for a ride!"*)


(*Ted and Kiki reluctantly get on and ride on the Polka Shark's back, and the latter takes both back to summer camp through the fountain*)


(*The Polka Shark puts them into summer camp*)


(*Polka Shark (to Ted and Kiki): "Did you enjoy the ride back to summah camp? (*Ted and Kiki mockingly nod "yes"*) Good. (*waves fin at them*) See ya later! (*dives back to the water*)"*)

(*Ted and Kiki (to each other): "(*point at one another*) TIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"*)

(*The camera zooms out to reveal that the two are back in -- you guessed it -- summer camp*)


(*Lackimus and Lindsay walk up to Ted and Kiki*)

(*Lindsay (to Ted and Kiki): "(*waves hand*) Hi, Ted and Kiki! How was summer so far?"*)


(*Ted (to Lindsay): "UUUUUUUUUUUGH! It's CHAOTIC! Animites and Leastville citizens findin' out who we REALLY are, attacked by evil teenagers, NOT gettin' pretty!"*)


(*Lackimus (to Kiki): "HEE-RO LAC-KI-MUS (*reaches out both arms*) GIVES CHOU EH BEEEEE---(*gets
sucker-punched by Kiki*)"*)

(*Kiki (to Lackimus): "(*madly*) No one gives us HUGS us both but our families! NO ONE!"*)


(*Lindsay (to Lackimus): "(*gasp*) (*bends down*) Lackimuuuuuuuuuuuus! (*cut*) Speak to (*sobs*) me-e-e-e-e-e! (*tries to breathe into his mouth, but finds out that Lackimus is okay*) (*gasp*) Lackimus! You're alive!"*)


(*Beth (to Ted and Kiki): "(*walks up to them with Carrie-Stein*) Hi, Ted and Kiki! It's incredulous to meet both of you!"*)


(*Carrie-Stein (to Ted and Kiki): "Welcome to summer camp."*)




(*Someone is holding a "Greetings from Hawaii" card, complete with a familiar blue knight and a pink princess on a honeymoon*)

(*????-????? (to ?????): "(*voice-over*) Oh ye-ah! We've just scored ANUTHAH VISIT TA HA-WAI-I! Isn't dis great or whut?"*)

(*????? (to ????-?????): "(*voice-over*) (*shivers*) Th-then W-W-WHY A-A-A-ARE W-WE DOIN' IN T-T-TEH STINKIN' C-C-C-COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD?!"*)

(*????-????? (to ?????): "(*voice-over*) Oh! (*nervously laughs*) (*removes the card her and ?????'s sight to reveal the North Pole*)"*)


(*The scene reveals that the two ladies are Anne-Maria and Trick, with the former getting mad at the latter for stating that the two are in the cold*)

(*Anne-Maria (to Trick): "(*tries to cover her body with her arms to keep herself completely warm*) GU-REAT!! We're i-i-n da c-cold!"*)



(*static noises*; *Anne-Maria and Trick in the anytime confessional*)

(*Anne-Maria (to Trick): "(*madly*) Girl, could've picked a bettah vacay dan dis!"*)

(*Trick (to Anne-Maria): "(*madly whispers*) I thought TIS was Hawaii!"*)

(*static noises*)

As the snow-storm became colder and colder, Anne-Maria and Trick saw a four-headed monster, with six sets of sticks for arms and a pair of wings like a bird!; (*cut*) "Dis is horrable!" screamed Anne-Maria, as the creature started to speak, through several "brrrrrr"s and a shriek!; "Tell Mom, TED AND KIKI ARE FULL OF CHRISTMAS HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!" screamed Trick to Anne-Maria, who said "My muma wusn't ulways here fer me, (*cut*) so DIS is how I act to othahs!" as she still clinged on her.; Suddenly, the creature revealed itself to be not one, not two, neither three. But, it's revealed to be four.; "Hiya!" said a familiar snowman to Anne-Maria and Trick.; "Who are you?" said Trick to the snowman, who said "Sam. Snow Sam. (*shows them his friends*) And these are George, Fred and Rosco."; "Hellooooooo!" said Rosco the brown bird to the girl with white skin and a round head and the Jersery Shore reject.; "Phew!" said Trick and Anne-Maria. "I dought we were gonahs!" the latter said.; (*cut*) "Well, c'mon!" said George to Trick and Anne-Maria. "We're gonna have a jolly, happy time in here!" said Fred.; And Snow Sam said to the girls, "(*gives sweaters, scarves and winter gloves to them*) Here! Wear these sweaters, scarves and winter gloves! (*cut*) They'll all help both of you since they're capable of keepin' the two of ya warm while bein' in one of the coldest places on Earth that is thy North Pole!"; (*cut*) "Why daaaaaanks!" said Anne-Maria.


(*static noises*; *Snow Sam, George, Fred and Rosco in the anytime confessional, with the light shut off*)

(*Snow Sam (to George, Fred and Rosco): "So, what guys do you have planned for our jolly good time here?"*)

(*George (to Snow Sam): "(*gasp*) We'll go sledding!"*)

(*Fred (to Snow Sam): "Maybe we'll do SNOWBALL FIIIIIIIIGHTS!"*)

(*Rosco (to Snow Sam): "Or relax and enjoy hot cocoa!"*)

(*Snow Sam (to George, Fred and Rosco): "I'm fine with all of 'em!"*)

(*George, Fred and Rosco (to Snow Sam): "You whaaaaaaat?"*)

(*Snow Sam (to George, Fred and Rosco): "I said I'm fine with all of 'em."*)

(*George (to Snow Sam): "Sounds like a cool idea to me!"*)

(*static noises*)

And so, as Total Drama's theme song, "I Wanna Be Famous", plays (as done on Christmas bells, drums and guitars), they went sledding, do some snowball fights and relax and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or two.; (*cut*) "(*points at somebody*) What's that over there?" said Rosco to Anne-Maria, as she said, "(*gasp*) It's VITOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"; "Eh yo, snow-dudes and bird guy! (*cut*) How's it goin'?" said Vito to the snowmen three and their avian friend, who said, all together now, "We're okaaaaaay!"; Anne-Maria hugged her boyfriend (who used one of Mike's personalities, in a sense). "Are ya okay?" said Anne-Maria herself to Vito, who said "I'm okay. No biggie."; "Who sent us tis greetings card anyway?" said Trick to everyone.

Cue the fact that Ted and Kiki (who were supposed to be participating in a game of tug-of-war) were behind all this.; "Uhh, Ted......Kiki....(*cut*) why aren't you two helping us?" questioned Beth to the both of them. "We don't care for any of your childish games! WE WANNA RULE TEH WOOOOOOORLD!" said Ted.; Meanwhile, Camp Counseler Jack walked up to the demonic duo of Ted and Kiki themselves.; "WHY AREN'T 'CHA PARTICIPATIN' IN ANY OF OUR CAMP GAMES?!? I WANNA KNOOOOOW!" yelled the counseler to the spoiled oval-headed brats, whom the latter of the two said, "Sorry. (*brandishes magic crayons at him, along with her brother*) No gonna happen. (*laughs maniacally*)"; (*cut*) "What are two DOING?! (*screams in pain as the two scribble on him*)" said Jack, as he had to suffer a bad situation: being a charm that can't think, talk or even move.; "So that world everybody's livin' in must be stupid around here." said Ted to his sister. "LET'S GONNA HUNT DOWN US SOME MORE PEOPLE HUMANS!" he said, as they started to ruin summer camp for everyone involved in it. Downer ending, no? Wrong!! (*cut*) Beth said "We're gonna need a new counseler. (*cut*) One that's tough as a bunch of metallic rocks, and smart as a dolphin!" to Carrie-Stein, who said "You heard that right!"; (*flash*) "(*whispers*) We'll never lose to tis stinkin' summer campers ever ever again!" Ted and Kiki said, but................."(*lands on the ground on her feet*) (*cut*) (*voice-over*) Are both of you and I gonna have a problem?"; Who was this mysterious new counseler? And why's she doing in the forest? Find out next time!

(*fade out*)
The Summer of Nick, Eduard and Gwen 2-24
Snow Sam, George, Fred and Rosco the bird: Bluebottleflyer.

Carrie-Stein (from The Not-So-Twisted Tales of Hollow Hill): AKBDrawsStuff.

The Polka Shark: CK and finjix.

Total Drama characters: 2007-hiatus Fresh TV, Neptoon Studios and Teletoon/Cartoon Network.

The Imagination of Nick, Eduard and Buddy characters and Dreamiverse concept: 2016-present Club Dreamiverse.
Tales from the Dreamiverse
                                                                              Tale 2
                                                                The Fusion Chamber
    "Risiiiiiiing up from the watery depths, two thousand stories high, clearly flying, in the clear blue skies! The Fusion Chamber! The Fusion Chamber! The Fusion Chamber!"; This very song describes a little about this flying ship. Ten years earlier before the events of The Imagination of Nick, Eduard and Buddy, the first online novel in this series (very close to leaning on the fourth wall), when Trick's empire was little more than a revenant, she ordered Animitan construction workers and a painter, to build this fendered fiend of a ship. "Okay everyone, make it as fine-fendered as can be. (*to a construction worker*) You there, build teh wings and place the fusion chamber on the top so I can fuse everyone! (*to a painter*) You there, for a paint job, make it brightly colored on teh double!"

(*Painter (to the construction worker): "Yes, ma'am!"*)"
    A family was parking on a lot. The family was Mitchell's. The mother was Sally, the father Derek and the baby Amy. "Ooooh! What is that, baby Amy?" said Sally to Amy, who said, "Ship!"; Mitchell said, "Why are we here to see construction of a ship?" to his father, who said "Because it's important to honor our beloved goddess Trick by seeing these people work on this thing."; Mitchell said "But......Trick isn't a god!"; Derek said to him, "Mitchell, if you saw something nasty about the nice Trick, there will be no use of your glasses FOREVER!"; Trick went to Mitchell and said to him, "Listen, punk! I am a goddess, big and beautiful. Once I take control of teh Dreamiverse and possibly teh other side, (*Mitchell (to Trick): "You mean Earth?"*) there's gonna be some changes around here! If I make rules, they're gonna be "BEAUTY EQUALS GOODNESS," "ACCEPT NO ONE," "SAVE YOURSELF," "FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE NEVER DECEIVING," "NEVER BE YOURSELF," "CRIME AND VILLAINY ALWAYS WIN," "PREJUDICE WINS," "ONCE A VILLAIN, ALWAYS A VILLAIN!," "ONCE A HERO, ALWAYS A HERO!" and "LIGHT AND SMALL THINGS ARE GOOD AND DARK AND GIANTS ARE EVIL!" Got that, punk?!" Mitchell responded with an "Huh!" and Trick walked away with an silent evil cackle.; "Something's off about this girl." thought Mitchell.
Three days later (building a two-thousand flying ship takes three days for Animites, but this could take so many days for humans; this is fantasy, not reality) after working on a flying ship, the Animites decided to goof off, while Trick decided to name the ship "Teh Fusion Chamber!" named after said chamber on the top; As the ship set sail on its first sky voyage, Derek announced the news, "Everyone, I have a announcement. How 'bout an trip on the Fusion Chamber?"; "Oh do you have to say it?" said Mitchell. Derek said "One more mean peep out of you and it's glasses off!"; "Okay." fearfully said Mitchell. Later that day, as his parents and baby sister, were heading to a restaurant, Mitchell heard a knock on the was Trick! Gleefully saying, "Greetings kiddo! I couldn't find all teh babysitters, so you'll have to settle for.......Sammy Seven!"; Sammy Seven (ironically named, because of his disrespect for parent figure-less people and definitely not the one you see in the third episode of Project Nightmare, my stand-in for Nightmare Ned), who was dressed in a white tuxedo with pink undershirt (which he disliked to wear), walked into the family's "hotel room" (actually an jail room) and said "Greetings, othersider!"; "So, what do you think? Something else?" said Trick as Mitchell sarcastically said, "Yeah, something else."; Trick said to Mitchell, "You be a good boy, okay?"; Turns out Sammy Seven was a horrible babysitter, as he enjoyed slacking off. Meanwhile, as Sammy was sleeping, (*whispers*) Mitchell left the room for good reason -- to investigate what is totally up with Trick. He went to the Badbot Laboratory, where he freaked out at the sight of the Badbot heads, but kept reminding himself, "It's just a dream, it's just a dream, it's just a dream."; He later panicked as an giant Badbot's face showed him a slasher smile. He went to another laboratory and turned on the light to see an Badbot walker that moved around a little. "It's robot evolution gone mad!" screamed Eduard, as flying Badbot heads flew over him and Badbots the size of action figures crawled over him, resulting in him shaking his body to get them off of him.
Meanwhile, he went to the main room (the titular fusion chamber) to see many Animites locked up in cells big enough to contain even the largest of convicts. Everyone was screaming; as an Badbot named Leon (an meaningful name considering his ability to change color), which had an thick lined-head, getting some oil in a foam cup, an umbrella said to him, "Hey, buddy! Can you spare a dime?" but Leon, refusing the offer, spat some oil in a sticky substance onto him, melting him as he said his famous last words: "It burns! It bites! It reeks! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!"; An New York-accented refrigerator said to Leon, "Stop it, man! Tis ain't for teh bettah of Animitiny! It's for teh worse!" but he looked in horror as Leon whistled for his own Badbot, an winged one named Vexus, who sliced in the refrigerator in half, with everyone screaming in pain. Leon said to everyone in a voice similar to that of that snotty winged monster with yellow and orange stripes. "Leon does not approve of your constant begging for help. Leon is going to have to introduce chou to Trick Legkiksky." An orange said, "Trick Leg-what?"; As Trick said "For my first fusionee, I choose......TEH POTATO!"; As one of its winged claw Badbots grabbed an potato named Spud, the latter said as the former dragged him to the fusion chamber "Please! Please! I'm begging you! I have a wife and kids! Oh no no no no! Not teh fusion chamber! Anything but that!"; Everyone was saying "STOP IT!!!!" as the claw dropped him into the fusion chamber, with him saying "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and was fused with an car. And out popped an Badbot with several of its own white-skinned (white is the color associated with that care-taking robot and that heroic robot girl in blue clothing, but not these ones) kind (actually Mitchell's family, who were too dim to realize they've been fused into Badbots; the "restaurant" was actually an cell big enough to carry a whole family), speeding out of the Fusion Chamber and into an bar.
An gang of bikers were eating their food. And as one of the Badbots grabbed a man with its hand, the bikers took notice. "Hey, you! Back away from the people!" said a biker to the Badbot, and he took an ax and gave it a no avail. The Badbots targeted several citizens and took them prisoner. And every one of Trick's foot soldiers took away all things meant to build positive values, items for people with special needs and boy and girl equality from all the stores and replace them with what they think is for boys (sports, cars) and is for girls (dolls, dress-up). And Mitchell's family isn't what it seems as the real family was killed in an unknown event; they're living Badbots! An downer ending (an sad ending) indeed.
2016-present Club-Dreamiverse.
Dear world,

  It appears that I've looked up "Animate Your World" and when I got on Kidscreen, in a article from 1997, turns out the whole project appeared to be a Cartoon Network campaign designed to get people to discover the magic that hides within their and everybody's lives. In short, it wanted folks to -- you guessed it -- animate their worlds. Yeah I said it. Betty Cohen masterminded the whole thing (in a good way) to get the network's audience (mainly, children) to celebrate and inspire creativity. The whole thing started on April 16 of this year (three days before Disney's ill-fated but still creative adaptation of its own computer game, Nightmare Ned, debuted, as did the then-new Nicktoon, The Angry Beavers (created by Mitch Schauer, with character designers being him, Greg Miller (creator of Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?) and Mr. Cabello)) with three spots (the other nine were rolled out in later months of that year, including September, when the then-new General Cinema spots debuted).

  The folks at Cartoon Network consulted teachers to find which brain-thinking tools would be certainly best. These happened to include imagining, daydreaming and free association. All of these that you people see around all of you, were rolled out into these public service announcements. "What is it that people get out of cartoons?" is the question and the reason that Betty Cohen created that very campaign (cartoons do inspire people, after all, among many things) to get people to stimulate and imagine throughout their very lives. And don't get me wrong: there WAS a VHS release and activity guide, courtesy of Cable in the Classroom, released in the fall. These spots contain a variety of animation styles, like cardboard, stop-motion and of course, the traditional animation to drive home the fact that what appears ordinary can be turned into EXTRAORDINARY.

  And just because they encourage children (prodigy or not) to be more inventive, doesn't mean it's a exactly bad thing altogether. I've heard from nerdsman567 that his favorite was "Vacuum Head" because it reminded him of the fact that he sees every single detail of his own life and everything else and sucks it all up. Together, the twelve spots are clearly meant to encourage creativity, a rarity in most campaigns these days.

These include:

Be a Vacuum Head



Brain on a Plane


Combining Ideas



Part of Your Brain (this title is just a nickname for that spot)

Random Roll (from Cartoon Network - June 1998 Promos and Bumps -- located in 7:46-8:16)

Redecorate Your Reality

Reinvent the Road

And if you're interesting in watching a batch of them, here's this as seen from the 1998 VHS Tape from Cable in the Classroom.

  I know this seems kinda far-fetched, but C'MON!!! It's not like every day you get to watch spots that'll amaze you with the wonderful world of creativity. That, and I'm impressed by this. Just impressed by all of this. So, let's take it from the top. A word for the wise: animate your world.


Nickolas A. Naujalis.


People who've remembered them



pacosanchez123 (Spanish dub)
















People's favorite Animate Your World ads

Fistron – all of them

DanteV47 – “Go” and “Reinvent the Road”

Zebforne – “Brain on a Plane”

flyscratch - all of them

MonsterIsland1969 - "Bob"


nerdsman567 - "Be a Vacuum Head"

EthanTavitas - Intro and "Be a Vacuum Head"

Ashen-Esther - "Be a Vacuum Head" (most-liked), "Mistakes" (OK)

EarthVStheDerek - "Be a Vacuum Head" (favorite), all of them

Yasiku - all of them

MikeEddyAdmirer89 - "Be a Vacuum Head"

Carriejokerbates - all of them

MelaGirl - all of them

TheDisney1901atDA - "Can't"

vchannel - "Can't"

Chickie456 - "Can't" and "Bob"

Atrox-C - "Be a Vacuum Head"

shunokurohi - "Redecorate Your Reality" and "Reinvent the Road"

Shrindan-dragon - "Big"

Super-Flamin-Angel - "Big"

vinylpigskin2 - "Bob"

layra2185 - all of them

Kawaiiette - all of them

Allies-Smile - all of them

ToXXRoses-Comunity - "Brain on a Plane"

Emberinthefurs - all of them

CHCH Cartoons - "Can't"

Glory-Gaming - "Brain on a Plane"

The-Darkwolf - "Brain on a Plane" and "Bob"

Kikyo-Yandere - "Bob"

nickyrey1999 - all of them

WeraHatake - all of them

lily1oo18 - "Can't"

DSX62415 - all of them

TheStealthDrawing - "Be a Vacuum Head"

Myself - "Part of Your Brain"

Lulana - "Mistakes"

Zackrys: "Can't" (favorite), all of them

NikkiCrystal - all of them

RedSpinel24 - "Brain on a Plane"

Brookie15 - "Redecorate Your Reality"

M2B6 - "Brain on a Plane" and "Be a Vacuum Head"

TheOnyxSwami - "Bob"

Balloon Princess - all of them

Tsuchikiyo - The intro

EthanTavitas - The intro with Droopy

XJKenny - "Be a Vacuum Head"

Sk-8080 - all of them

ThePenVsTheSword - "Brain on a Plane"

draakxd - all of them

Van-Helmont -

DaBurninator - "Bob"

Stickythefireband - "Bob"

drowning-in-sass - "Brain on a Plane"

Cable-Bunny - "Bob" and "Brain on a Plane"

neru-van - "Bob"

PenelopeHamuChan - "Bob"

animelover5ful - all of them

Randi-lovesVetrix - "Brain on a Plane"

thebigcrunchone9 - all of them

Acutie - "Bob"

bubblesishot46853 - "Parts of Your Brain"

Artoveli - "Can't" and "Go"

LovesickPearl - "Go" and "Brain on a Plane"

Matthew2321 - "Bob" and "Can't"

KimikoXKiba - "Bob", "Can't" and "Redecorate Your Reality"

Lairyn - "Redecorate Your Reality"

ingeline-art - all of them

Argodeon - "Bob"

Lizlovestoons12 - all of them

Shirley4444 - all of them

Kaihaii - "Bob" and "Mistakes"

NiloSifer - "Brain on a Plane", "Be a Vacuum Head" and "Can't"

AzulInstrument - "Can't" and "Go"

Tyler5544 - "Parts of Your Brain"

QueenOfChocolateWinx - "Brain on a Plane"

MariusOfTheSea - "Bob"

CafeDeVainilla - "Bob"

MissDiealot - "Brain on a Plane"

ArcherVale - "Brain on a Plane"

toxicanvil243 - all of them

NeoPrankster - all of them

TamerofFire - "Big" and "Redecorate Your Reality"

Leuseni - "Bob" and "Can't"

ThatPerson4 - all of them

buraiii - "Bob"

Dragonrider1227 - "Bob"

elenaevil - all of them

DreamBex - "Mistakes"

Total: 87


Voting rank:

All: 26

The intro: 2

Brain on a Plane: 14

Be a Vacuum Head: 9

Bob: 23

Can't: 12

Big: 3

Mistakes: 5

Redecorate Your Reality: 5

Reinvent the Road: 1

Random Roll:

Go: 3

Part of Your Brain: 3

Combining Ideas:

UPDATE 1: On January 23rd, I've got proof that these commercials, which inspire creativity, are real.

UPDATE 2: I've added the DeviantARTists who've remembered them. And what are the DeviantARTists' favorite Animate Your World ads.

UPDATE 3: I've got the voting rank to see if everyone likes them all or individually.


Nickolas Naujalis
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I am Nickolas A. Naujalis, but you can call me Club Dreamiverse. I am a person with big dreams and a EQUALLY big heart.

Also, care to see the Animate Your World link?…


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